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Volume Shampoo

Volume Shampoo

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Volume-enhancing shampoo for fine or limp hair.

Our volume shampoo is a lightweight, sulfate-free shampoo that conditions and cleanses the hair without weighing it down. Botanical extracts and rice protein create volume.

Volume Shampoo delivers all-day volume without weighing your hair down. Our unique formula instantly enables the maximum body, leaving your hair feeling voluptuous and full. Volume Shampoo is recommended for regular use on fine, soft, or limp hair.


Thoroughly wet your hair before applying our shampoo. Add more water, not more product, which will activate the ingredients to create a more sumptuous lather. Rinse hair thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. For best results, follow with our Moisture Conditioner,  Moisture Repair Spray or Extension Conditioner.

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